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Farm to Table
Where "Tasting is Believing.."

Our lettuce, leafy greens, root vegetables and herbs are packaged and distributed as soon as they are harvested, ensuring hyper-fresh and nutrient dense produce - a difference you can taste and smell!

Our hyper-local produce is vertically grown in a state of the art, sustainable, and environmentally controlled hydroponic farm.  We use 95% less water than conventional farming, only 40 feet of land, and absolutely no pesticides or harsh chemicals to grow almost 3 acres of the freshest vegetables, thus contributing to a safer, healthier environment.  Food is medicine for the body and that’s why we choose to use only the top of the line organic seeds when growing our produce. Moreover, we bring to you our farm-to-table produce that delivers the best quality and flavor to your plate, whether you are a home cook, a restaurant owner, or a caterer. It is hydroponically grown produce that is available all year round, regardless of the weather or season.

Our fresh produce is the perfect choice for anyone who values health, taste, and sustainability.

"Lettuce feed you.."

HumbleBee Farms
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