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Our Story

At Humblebee Farms, we have a special story to tell. We are a local Woman-Owned and Veteran-Operated hydroponic farm dedicated to cultivating our community's freshest, healthiest, and most delectable varieties of vegetables. Through cutting-edge growing techniques, we've made it possible for our lettuce, leafy greens, root veggies, edible flowers, microgreens, and herbs to thrive 365 days a year, ensuring they are harvested weekly for peak freshness and nutrient density.

Our elevated produce offers all the benefits of traditional soil-grown veggies, but has the advantage of using less water, no soil, and no pesticides or other harmful chemicals. We use minimal handling, maximum love, and only the finest seeds. Our controlled climate provides greater sustainability and zero risk from environmental risks or cross-contamination.

Meet the Team

Kristin, the heart of our operation, is driven by a profound passion for providing people with nourishing, delectable food. Having suffered from autoimmune disorders, she knows how important pure foods are to the system and it is her ultimate goal to make sure you get "only the best".  

Simultaneously, Brandon, a dedicated disabled veteran, is committed to serving our community.  In support of HumbleBee's overall mission, Brandon, a tech by nature, makes sure that all is running smoothly in the farm and that the controlled environment creates the perfect atmosphere for our botanical babies. It's this shared dedication that roots us in this place we call home.

Our Commitment to the Community

Beyond our farm's daily operations, we extend our mission through non-profit initiatives that promote nutrition awareness and support various local programs. These programs encompass educational initiatives, work training for youth, and specialized support for disabled Veterans and other groups impacted by trauma.

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